Nature Strips and Footpaths

Nature Strips and Footpaths

In Cobar Shire Council area you need to gain consent for any works or activities in a public reserve, public roadway or footpath (nature strip). Consent under Section 138 of the NSW Roads Act requires that all activities undertaken within council roads, needs to be approved by Council prior to the activities being undertaken. This includes landscaping the footpath area in front of residential homes.


Please contact Council for information on Council’s driveway and nature strip landscaping guidelines.  These guidelines assist residents who wish to undertake landscaping within the nature strip adjacent to their property. Council’s approval is necessary to ensure that landscaping does not impact on pedestrians and road users, particularly in relation to safety, reducing sight lines or access.


If your nature strip is identified as non-compliant, residents will be given a reasonable amount of time depending on the risk, to fix the hazard. If the hazard presents an immediate unacceptable risk to the public, Council may assist in making the area safe or removing the hazard.


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