Euabalong Projects

Euabalong Walking Track

Euabalong is located in the Southeast of the Cobar Shire Council beside the Lachlan River. Council have received funding to expand the community infrastructure within the town by creating a river walking track. This project will provide a scenic walk along the Lachlan River and a recreational asset to the community. Due to the recent flood events at Euabalong this project is unfortunately experiencing delays.  

Euabalong Hall Revitalisation

This project will revitalize, make safe and expand the functionality of the Euabalong hall located at the Euabalong Racecourse.  These works will include addressing safety issues, aesthetics and functionality by 

  • electrical upgrades 
  • installation of new flooring 
  • fire extinguishers 
  • painting 
  • patching and repair works 

Upgrades to Euabalong showground arena and cattle yards

This project includes installation of new permanent showground arena and cattle yards that can safely facilitate horse and cattle sports competitions. 

Replacement of bar at Euabalong Racecourse

During a storm the bar at Euabalong Racecourse was destroyed and unfortunately was unsalvable. Council will be installing a new shed to replace the old bar to ensure the community have a safe accessible venue for a bar at the Racecourse. 


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