Cobar Shire Council’s Engineering Section contains information on Cobar Regional Airport, tenders, roads, parks and reserves, water, emergency services and major infrastructure projects of which this department is responsible for.

Cobar Shire Council has a range of projects which businesses can submit tenders for. Know about the details of current tenders with Cobar Shire Council. It also provides details of Council’s Contracts Register.

The section on Cobar Regional Airport provides information for airport users and the facilities and services available.

The latest road condition report is available in the roads sub section and is updated as weather conditions change. The minutes of the Rural Roads Advisory Committee Meetings are also provided online for public information.

The wide range of parks and reserves in the Cobar Shire are also listed and provide details on what facilities Council is responsible for maintaining.

Information on multiple emergency service organisations is available, including links to neighbourhood safer places and bushfire safety.

The section on Major Infrastructure Projects details a wide range of information on Council’s current major projects.

Engineering also provides information on the current water restrictions, services and information in relation to water. 

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