Resource Strategy

Resource Strategy

The Resource Strategy outlines Council’s capacity to manage assets and deliver services over the next ten years. The Resource Strategy includes three key elements – a Long Term Financial Plan, a Workforce Plan and Asset Management Plans. To prepare the Resource Strategy, Council determines its capacity and how to effectively manage its finances, the sustainability of its workforce, and the overall costs of its community assets. 

Long Term Financial Plan

Council’s Long Term Financial Plan contains a set of long range financial projections and statements based on an informed set of assumptions. It is designed to show the financial impacts of providing different levels of service and asset management. The plan demonstrates the impact on Council’s finances from three scenarios – a special rate variation, a fall in revenue or retaining the status quo. 

Workforce Plan

The four year Workforce Plan identifies the human resource requirements to implement the four year Delivery Program. It analyses Council’s current staffing structure and identifies what direction to take over the next four years. The Workforce Plan aims to identify strategies to reduce potential skill shortages, improve efficiency and productivity, retain and strengthen Council’s workforce, provide job satisfaction for staff and for staff to possess the required skills for the job.

Asset Management Plans

Assets deliver important services to communities. A key issue facing Council is the ageing assets in need of renewal and replacement and the associated financial implications. The creation of new assets also presents challenges in funding the ongoing operating and replacement costs over the assets’ full life cycle. Asset Management Plans have been created for all Council’s physical assets to outline the management of assets in the most cost effective manner, to monitor performance and to ensure that there is a link between the plans and Council’s long term financial plans.


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