Western Auto + Engineering

Mechanical repairs, registrations, pink slips, blue slips for bikes; cars; trucks and trailers.

Superior Diesel Solutions (SDS)

Superior Diesel Solutions specializes in the service and repairs of small, medium, large, huge and enormous diesel vehicles! They have a automotive workshop offering pink slips and blue slips, HV… Continue reading Superior Diesel Solutions (SDS)

MC Spanner

J Prisk Contractors

J Prisk Contractors and plant hire provides earthmoving and haulage, sand, gravel, soil supplies, front end loaders, tip trucks, water trucks, quad spread, low loader, dolly, backhoe and mobile screening… Continue reading J Prisk Contractors

Fairbank AutoPro

Fairbank Autopro’s products and services include auto spare parts and accessories, mechanical repairs, registration checks – pink slips, wheel alignments, tyres and tyre balancing, Stihl, Husqvarna, Honda and Victa mowers,… Continue reading Fairbank AutoPro

Cobar Toyota

Cobar Toyota is one of the 294 Toyota Service Centers around Australia. They work to service and repair vehicles including warranty work and also offer pink slips inspections.

Cobar Mobile Children’s Services

The Cobar Mobile Children’s Services provides high quality education programs for children between 0-12 years of age through playgroup sessions, as well as provide support, encouragement and development knowledge to… Continue reading Cobar Mobile Children’s Services


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